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2018-06-20 • Justin Odisho

Instagram Announces New IGTV Update: Long Form Video Feature (Youtube Competition?)

2018-06-20 • Justin Odisho

How to Sync Audio and Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

2018-06-19 • Justin Odisho

Adobe Introduces NEW Mobile Friendly Video Editing App: PROJECT RUSH

2018-06-17 • Justin Odisho

Drake — I’m Upset (Music Video Editing Tutorial) iPhone Pop Up Animation Effect Premiere Pro How To

2018-06-15 • Justin Odisho

Logic — Contra (Music Video Editing Breakdown)

2018-06-15 • Justin Odisho

How to Improve Your Editing — Reviewing Subscriber Videos

2018-06-14 • Justin Odisho

Adobe After Effects Tutorial: How to Use the COLORAMA Effect (Heat Map, Thermal Vision, Tint, Grade)

2018-06-12 • Justin Odisho

25 FREE B-Roll & Stock Footage Video Clips Pack — Justin Odisho

2018-06-10 • Justin Odisho

How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram! — Reviewing Subscriber Instagrams

2018-06-08 • Justin Odisho

Watching Subscriber Videos LIVE Stream

2018-06-06 • Justin Odisho

A$AP Rocky — Praise the Lord (Da Shine) (Official Video) Ft. Skepta — EDITING REACTION BREAKDOWN

2018-06-03 • Justin Odisho

How to Podcast: My Portable Podcast Setup Bag!

2018-06-02 • Justin Odisho

How to Actually Make Money on Youtube — Honest Advice

2018-06-01 • Justin Odisho

Kanye West — Ye Album Cover Art Reaction Thoughts (IPhone Photo of Wyoming)

2018-05-31 • Justin Odisho

How to Edit an Entire Video in Under 10 Minutes! (Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Tutorial)

2018-05-30 • Justin Odisho

How to Create SICK Custom Shape Audio Reactive Waveform Spectrums in Adobe After Effects CC! (2018)

2018-05-25 • Justin Odisho

The 3 C’s of Success on Youtube & Social Media! (Consistency, Content, & Collaboration)

2018-05-24 • Justin Odisho

Is Youtube Removing the Subscription Button?

2018-05-24 • Justin Odisho

The Justin Odisho Podcast #22: Brian Barczyk — SnakeBytesTV, Daily Vlogging, 1 Million Subs Later

2018-05-23 • Justin Odisho

Post Malone Speaks on Doubters, Success, & Following Your Dreams — EDC Live Congratulations Prelude

2018-05-17 • Justin Odisho

5 Awesome Split Screen Video Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro! (CC Tutorial)

2018-05-16 • Justin Odisho

How to Get People to CARE About Your POSTS!

2018-05-12 • Justin Odisho

500k Subscribers Thank You!

2018-05-11 • Justin Odisho

5 Key Essentials for Mastering the Cross Dissolve Transition in Adobe Premiere Pro CC!