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2018-06-22 • Memoona Muslima

How to Straighten Your Hair Permanently at Home Naturally Urdu Hindi

2018-06-20 • Memoona Muslima

Derma Roller for Acne Scars, Hair Growth & Wrinkles Review — Before After Results Urdu Hindi

2018-06-15 • Memoona Muslima

Idea for Colorful Dress Matching Chudiyan (Bangles) Eid Shopping & Preparation Urdu Hindi

2018-06-13 • Memoona Muslima

Quick Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks for Newbies — Brush, Eye Pellets Tutorial Step by Step Urdu Hindi

2018-06-12 • Memoona Muslima

Aik Zaroori Baat by Memoona Muslima

2018-06-12 • Memoona Muslima

Get Rid of Wrinkles Permanently From Face at Home, Skincare Beauty Tips in Urdu Hindi

2018-06-10 • Memoona Muslima

BRANDED vs REPLICA Fashion Dresses Explained on Eid Shopping Urdu Hindi

2018-06-08 • Memoona Muslima

Whitening Gold Herbal Facial for Glowing at Home Step by Step Urdu Hindi

2018-06-06 • Memoona Muslima

Eid Mehndi Design 2018 & Easy Tutorial for Beginners Special

2018-06-05 • Memoona Muslima

My Shopping — Eid Collection Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry, Perfumes, Kids & Much More Urdu Hindi

2018-06-03 • Memoona Muslima

Best Facial for Glowing Skin Whitening Solution on Eid Urdu Hindi

2018-06-01 • Memoona Muslima

Get Soft & Beautiful Feet, Get Rid of Cracked Heels, Pedicure Homemade Treatment Urdu Hindi

2018-05-31 • Memoona Muslima

Remove Stretch Marks in 3 Days Get Rid With Home Remedies Naturally Urdu Hindi

2018-05-29 • Memoona Muslima

Get Soft Pink Baby Lips 100% Naturally — Lighten Dark Lips Instantly Urdu Hindi

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Permanent Hand Whitening Tips & Solution With Home Remedies Urdu Hindi

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3 Benefits You Need to Know About This Pear (Nashpati) Urdu Hindi

2018-05-24 • Memoona Muslima

Hemani Whitening Beauty Cream & Advance Herbal Whitening Cream Review Urdu Hindi

2018-05-23 • Memoona Muslima

Eat 3 Dates Daily for a Month & See Magic in Your Body — Dates Health Benefits Urdu Hindi

2018-05-22 • Memoona Muslima

Pedicure at Home Live Demo Feet Whitening Spa & Tan Removal Urdu Hindi

2018-05-19 • Memoona Muslima

QnA ❓ on 700k With 💚 Memoona Muslima 💜 2018

2018-05-16 • Memoona Muslima

Easy Ramzan Weight Loss Diet Plan New & Final 2018 Updated

2018-05-15 • Memoona Muslima

Hemani Anti HAIRLOSS Shampoo Honest Review by Memoona Muslima Urdu Hindi

2018-05-14 • Memoona Muslima

Belly Fat Cutter — 15 Pounds in 6 Days — Lose Weight Fast Urdu Hindi

2018-05-12 • Memoona Muslima

Unique Gift Ideas on Mother’s Day — How Much Do You Love Your Mother?