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2018-06-21 • MrZygy3

Komatsu GD555 Motor Grader Motoniveladora Working Grading Agregate

2018-06-20 • MrZygy3

Road Construction Asphalt Paver Dump Truck and Tire Roller Working

2018-06-19 • MrZygy3

Excavator and Crane Working on River Dam Construction

2018-06-18 • MrZygy3

CAT 320D Excavator Down the Hill by Self Loader Truck Isuzu Giga FVZ 285PS

2018-06-17 • MrZygy3

Excavator Self Loader Truck Dozer Compactor and Ready Mix at Road Construction Work

2018-06-16 • MrZygy3

Motor Grader Komatsu GD555 Motoniveladora Spreading Grading Agregate

2018-06-15 • MrZygy3

Excavator Transport Komatsu PC200 by Self Loader Truck Isuzu Giga FVZ 285PS

2018-06-14 • MrZygy3

Road Construction Work Asphalt Paving Dump Truck Hino 500 Sumitomo HA60W

2018-06-13 • MrZygy3

Excavator Clearing Top Soil CAT 320D Tebing Breksi

2018-06-12 • MrZygy3

Excavator Dozer and Dump Truck Moving Dirt on Road Construction

2018-06-11 • MrZygy3

Truck Mania Jogja TMJ Solidarity Free Foods and Drinks Ramadhan Bagi Takjil

2018-06-10 • MrZygy3

Big Digger Excavator Transport Komatsu PC300 by Self Loader Truck Isuzu Giga FVZ 285PS

2018-06-09 • MrZygy3

Mini Excavator CAT 305.5E2 and Chainsaw Logger Making a New Road

2018-06-08 • MrZygy3

Long Reach Excavator Digging Dredging Mud From the River Canal

2018-06-08 • MrZygy3

Tak Ingin Sendiri Acoustic Pengamen Jos

2018-06-07 • MrZygy3

Doosan 340LCV DX225LCA Excavator Loading Onto Self Loader Truck Isuzu Giga FVZ 285PS

2018-06-06 • MrZygy3

Hino 500 Dump Truck Unloading Hot Mix Into Asphalt Paver Sumitomo HA90C

2018-06-05 • MrZygy3

Loading Excavator Onto Lowbed Trailer and Self Loader Truck Isuzu Giga FVZ 285PS

2018-06-04 • MrZygy3

Excavator Ready Mix Concrete Pump and Dump Truck Working on River Dam Construction

2018-06-03 • MrZygy3

Isuzu Giga Self Loader Truck Loading Dozer on Toll Construction

2018-06-03 • MrZygy3

Bis Kota Acoustic Pengamen Jos

2018-06-02 • MrZygy3

Excavator Dump Truck and Dozer Making New Road

2018-06-01 • MrZygy3

Excavator Dozer Dump Truck and People Working on Road Construction

2018-05-31 • MrZygy3

Excavator Accident Stuck and Sink Kobelco SK200-10 Heavy Recovery