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2018-06-20 • OmarIsuf

The BEST Bench Presser in the World Gives Bench Press Tips (Ft. Kirill Sarychev)

2018-06-19 • OmarIsuf

My Bodybuilding Coach Shows Me How to Get Shredded (Ft. Eric Helms)

2018-06-14 • OmarIsuf

How to Grow Your Traps (Ft. AlphaDestiny)

2018-06-13 • OmarIsuf

On Becoming a Sponsored Athlete

2018-06-11 • OmarIsuf

The Missing Back Movement Everyone Forgets About (Ft. Eric Helms)

2018-06-08 • OmarIsuf

Jeff Nippard Teaches Me How to Get BIG ARMS

2018-06-06 • OmarIsuf

Lifting HEAVY With AlphaDestiny (Raw Training)

2018-06-04 • OmarIsuf

BUILD a BIGGER BACK: HOW to Properly ROW for Your Lats (Ft. Alberto Nunez)

2018-06-01 • OmarIsuf

Is It Even WORTH It to Train as a NATURAL?

2018-05-29 • OmarIsuf

Getting Injured:(

2018-05-27 • OmarIsuf

The 4 BEST Chest Exercises You AREN’T Doing (But Should)

2018-05-23 • OmarIsuf

The EASIEST Way to Get STRONGER (Besides Programming)

2018-05-21 • OmarIsuf

MY Experience With Creatine (Losing All My Gains)

2018-05-20 • OmarIsuf


2018-05-10 • OmarIsuf

Alan Thrall Is on STEROIDS

2018-05-09 • OmarIsuf

The BEST Deadlift Advice From a World Record Deadlifter (Ft. Calgary Barbell)

2018-05-07 • OmarIsuf

An ACTUAL Bodybuilder Critiques My Physique (Ft. Eric Helms)

2018-05-06 • OmarIsuf

You Are NOT Hardcore (Just Because You Lift)

2018-05-04 • OmarIsuf

The Strongest Power Ranger Can Deadlift 800lb+?!

2018-04-27 • OmarIsuf

Can You Gain Muscle While Losing Body Fat?

2018-04-26 • OmarIsuf

Struggle to Grow Your Chest? Try This Out (Ft. Alberto Nunez)

2018-04-25 • OmarIsuf

What Everyone Gets WRONG About Back Training

2018-04-18 • OmarIsuf

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Strength

2018-04-16 • OmarIsuf

1 Week Fat Loss Progress (Don’t Believe the Hype)