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2018-06-22 • TFB TV

Precision Rifle Ammo Test — 3 Best Choices

2018-06-20 • TFB TV

The Keepers of Gun History: Firearms Symposium at Cody Firearms Museum

2018-06-18 • TFB TV

This Is Not a Torture Test: Primary Arms ACSS 3x Prism Scope Review

2018-06-17 • TFB TV

The VEPR: A 100% Russian Sporting AK

2018-06-14 • TFB TV

Ninja Assassin Ammo: Hornady.300 AAC 190gr Sub-X Subsonic Gel Test

2018-06-13 • TFB TV

Getting the Most Out of Steel Targets: What You Need to Know

2018-06-11 • TFB TV

The Little Lever That Could: Hornady.357mag 140gr FTX Leverevolution Carbine Gel Test

2018-06-10 • TFB TV

Glock vs. Hi-Point: The Problem Solver Showdown + Mud Test

2018-06-06 • TFB TV

Perceptions and Reality of Small Arms in Afghanistan

2018-06-04 • TFB TV

Rifle Ammo in a Handgun?!? Hornady.357 Mag 140gr FTX Leverevolution Revolver Gel Test

2018-06-02 • TFB TV

Mailroom #13: We Hate You Guys (Sometimes) + Bloke vs. YouTube + Flies

2018-06-01 • TFB TV

Bloke on the Russian Nagant M1895 Gas Seal Revolver

2018-05-31 • TFB TV

AK47 vs. Galil ACE vs. Mini-30: Accuracy and Comparison of Three 7.62×39 Combat-Ready Rifles

2018-05-28 • TFB TV

Home Defense 5.56mm Ammo: IMI’s Mk 262 Clone 77gr OTM Gel Test

2018-05-25 • TFB TV

Beretta APX Review: 5000 Rounds Through the APX and a Mud Test

2018-05-24 • TFB TV

Shooting Entry Level Precision Rifles

2018-05-21 • TFB TV

Soft & Light: Hornady.38spl 90gr FTX Critical Defense Gel Test

2018-05-19 • TFB TV

Mail Room #12: Strawberries, Summer, and Straps

2018-05-18 • TFB TV

The AK Perfected: The Galil ACE in.223/5.56mm in-Depth Review

2018-05-17 • TFB TV

Differences Between the Lee-Enfield SMLE and the No.4

2018-05-16 • TFB TV

The Old Gun Markets of Kabul

2018-05-14 • TFB TV

Backpack Armor: Shot Stop NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic Board Test

2018-05-07 • TFB TV

Short and Deep: Federal 9mm Hydrashok Deep 135gr Short Barrel Gel Test

2018-05-03 • TFB TV

Custom Precision Rifle — What the Pros Use